​​is a lifelong Democrat who is passionate about the REVITALIZATION

of Poughkeepsie's Main Street and Downtown, and will work hard to RESTORE it to being a safe, vibrant place to live, work, and play!

Kari believes in

REBUILDING the Mental Health Systems in the County, so we can refocus on RECOVERY as an alternative to incarceration.

Kari Rieser is working hard to ensure that the County and City are working as Partners for Progress! 


Kari needs your support to make a difference! 

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Two years ago, I asked for your help in making a better future for families in Dutchess County. I ran against an “unbeatable,” pro-gun, anti-choice incumbent. Working together, we won.

Since I took office last year, I’ve been fighting hard for the causes that matter to Independents and Democrats. I voted against the jail bond and in favor of increased funding for homeless shelters and alternatives to incarceration. I served on the county Emergency Services Task Force and Criminal Justice Committee, and I’m also on the local organizing committee of a statewide progressive group called New York Local Progress. And, I was instrumental in helping to elect a new school board, one that promises to bring change to Poughkeepsie’s troubled school system.

 I’m also working hard to push back against Trumpism. I sponsored a Human Rights Proclamation that called for religious tolerance in Dutchess County. I’m working with local Hispanic leaders to develop Safe City resolutions in towns and villages throughout the county. We passed a resolution to make the county fossil-fuel free by 2030. And, we’re working hard on county-level campaign finance reform.

Listen, national issues are local issues. Protecting our most vulnerable citizens, addressing climate change, draining the swamp, preserving universal access to health care and reproductive rights for women—it all starts with local governance and citizen activism.

This is a pivotal year for the resistance in Dutchess County. Democrats are currently a 7-18 minority. But here’s our chance: Four of the six seats we need to take back the legislature will be left open by Republicans not seeking reelection. Si se puede!

I need your help more than ever. Please support my reelection, so I can continue to advance progressive causes, resist the Trump agenda, and help elect a new majority. I look forward to hearing from you. Call me anytime at (845) 245-8923 with any questions.